Friday, April 4, 2014

Commodity Goods Fitting Kit

I am a scentaholic.  I love to try different scents and rarely wear the same one two days in a row.  I get really excited about samples and was thrilled when I found out the Commodity Goods has Fitting Kits that include all 10 of their women’s scents for just $9.  I bought myself one as an anniversary gift (this Sunday is 1 year!) and it shipped super quick and arrived today.  I ripped it open in excitement, before thinking of pictures, so excuse the damage in the photos below. 

I was really impressed by the amount of perfume this is for just $9. It isn't some little scent card that you can sniff and desperately try to press to your wrist.  You get full sample sizes of each scent, which lets you spray them on and really get a feel for how they work with your unique chemistry.

Today I tried scent number one, which is called Tea.  I love it.  This one happens to be right up my alley.  It is a bit exotic, not too sweet, and settles to a fresh, interesting finish.  Officially its top notes are Citrus Accord, Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot (I love Bergamot, think Earl Grey). Mid notes include Freesia (another favorite), Muguet, Jasmine Sambac.  Base notes are Sandalwood (helps with that hint of the exotic) and White Musk.

I'll keep y'all updated as I try the other scents!  Leave a comment if you have tried or think you might try Commodity Goods.

*P.S. - If you buy a full size perfume within 30 days of your Commodity Goods Fitting Kit order, the $9 you spent on it goes towards the full size purchase!

*Purchased by me, opinions are my own.

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